APOFEEDER – Automated replenishment system

The automatic intake options for Apostore automated picking systems are entirely individually adapted to the different requirements: More

FeedHopper – High-performance intake

The FeedHopper separates the wholesale delivery and then takes the packets on the intake belt and to iScan, at a rate of up to 520 packs per hour. More


IScan – Automatic scanning

iScan is the integrated, automatic product recognition. The Apostore iScan captures the barcode fully automatically while taking the packet from the intake belt into the machine. Six barcode readers cover all sides of the packet at the same time. The iScan is the fastest scanner of its kind and identifies 400 – 520 packets per hour. More


ApoClean – Self-cleaning

Paper dust is an inevitable byproduct when handling cardboard boxes. The individual shelves must be emptied and cleaned – also at heights of about three metres and in shelf heights of 30 mm. This is impossible to do manually. More


TouchVision – Virtual displayed OTCs

Your OTC- and self-service products are represented clearly on touch-controlled screens linked to your Apostore storage and retrieval system. more


Security log – Access control

The security log turns your automated picking system into a ‘safe’. Person, point in time and manner of access to the merchandise are logged. The glass security door to the inside of the machine only opens with a personal code, a chip card or fingerprint identification.

Security Log

Video system – Enhanced security

The video equipment can be used in many ways. Recordings of the machine can be transmitted to the sales area as entertainment for your customers and for advertising. Increasingly, the video function is used remotely by the Apostore Hotline to provide faster support. A very useful accessory (standard in A 3000). This can also be supplemented by a digital video recording, which records each access and every special occurrence. Security and troubleshooting are improved.

Video system

Air conditioning – For your drug storage

A constant temperature offers the best conditions for storage. If it cannot be ensured at the site that a temperature of 25 °C is not exceeded and if the interior of the picking systems cannot be connected to an existing air-conditioning system, Apostore offers air-conditioning for this specialised storage.

Air conditioning

Refrigerator – For your cooling items

We have developed the integrated refrigerator for your temperature-sensitive drugs. This refrigerated and strongly insulated shelving element is sealed with a roller curtain. The curtain has an opening which only uncovers the area to be accessed, during storing and dispensing the packages, thereby minimising loss of cold air. With the integrated refrigerator, your sensitive drugs are safely stored in the machine at an even and controlled temperature. You manage the expiry dates and have even less running around to do.


Emergency generator – In case of unreliable power supply

In case of frequent, longer power supply failures, it is recommended to purchase an emergency generator to ensure the full functioning of the machine. You can also connect your EDP and goods management to the unit and retain unimpaired functioning.

Emergency generator

Automatic transport box filling

The transport boxes are individually conveyed under the dispensing chute and the order is picked and placed in the box. Then the next box is automatically conveyed under the dispensing chute. The volume of the order is also calculated so that the box can be changed in good time if several containers are required for one order.More

Automatic transport box filling

APOSTORE 24 – Service around the clock

The new 24-hour Apostore terminal is a great way to offer your customers a round-the-clock service. More

Apostore 24-hour terminal

Label printer – For patient-specific labels

With the connected label printer, patient-specific labels (information comes from ERP system) can be produced and dispensed together with the packet. Upon request, the packets can also be labelled automatically.

Label printer

Flexible modular dimensions – For a perfect fit

Each Apostore picking system is customised to the individual dimensions of the pharmacy. In models A 1000, A 2000 and A 3000 even columns can be integrated.

Flexible modular dimensions

System housing prepared for shelving

The outer wall of the models A 1000, A 2000 and A 3000 can provide the fitting for shelving straight away. One-metre-wide shelves can simply be hooked on outside.

System housing prepared for shelving

Drywall housing

Basically, you can also completely do away with the system housing as a function wall.

Drywall housing

Decor options

With the Apostore machines, winners of the iF Product Design Award, you will bring colour and individuality to the workplace. In models A 1000, A 2000 and A 3000, you can determine the colour and decor – from solid shades to wood decors.

Decor options