Safety equipment

At Apostore we give great importance to the reliability and safety of our machines. This starts with the design of the components according to the principle of simplicity: The simpler a component is designed, the more robust it usually is. Every movement of a machine component must be driven by a motor. And with every additional motor, the risk of breakdown increases. We are proud to have designed the gripper with very few moving parts. Because the gripper is the most used part of the robot.

Secureness by power reserves

From our industry experience, we know that power reserves increase the reliability of a machine. If the components do not work permanently at their performance limits, they wear out not so fast. They last longer and operate more reliably. Our gripper is designed to handle 5 kg. This will probably be rarely necessary at your pharmacy. But even if you dispense several bottles of a cough syrup with multi-pick, the Apostore gripper is not reaching its limit.

The 400V drives the models A 1000 - A 3000 to have an enormous acceleration. And still they will get only handwarm even under extreme load, such as stock clearings or the initial loading of the stocks. Through the 3 phase current, the power consumption is significantly smoother and in the individual phases flows less current than in 1-phase 230V motors. This leads to less heat in the dispenser and to a calmer, gentler running of the motors, comparable to the difference in the smoothness of 12 cylinder to 4 cylinder motors in cars.

Security by proven components

The components and parts used by Apostore must have proven their durability and have been designed for a long life. The cage which carries the Apostore machine is made of 6 mm thick, powder-coated, German high-quality steel. All shelf supports are powder-coated and hand-riveted four times. Important components such as the mounting of the gripper are made of machined aluminum, surface-treated and anodised. The gripper forks are made of 8 mm thick powder-coated steel.

A proven industrial controller ensures the reliable operation of the gripper. It has proven itself under extreme conditions in North Sea offshore installations and desert installations, thereby qualifying for Apostore use.

Security at power failure

To prevent failure due to power outages or surges, PCs and hard disk are secured with a surge protector. During a power failure the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) kicks in for up to two hours. In case of more frequent and longer power failures, the Apostore machines can be equipped with an emergency generator, which can also power the pharmacy’s IT system.

Security through backups and redundancies

What's important to us: Your pharmacy should always be able to continue operating. If the controller PC fails, the backup PC kicks in – and should it also fail, you can continue to work with the external backup hard drive and a notebook. Should the robust industrial controller become defective, a PC can take over the tasks until our service technician arrives.

Emergency operation

You also receive support in manual operation: The software now looks for the most accessible packet, regardless of expiry, the integrated storage printer prints the storage location of the product on a small label. In case of a power failure, the UPS supports the PC, the storage printer and the emergency lighting of the picking system. You do not have to look for the packets with a flashlight.

The drugs are often conveyed to the sales counters by multiple conveyors and possibly also by chutes or lifts. Should one of these be blocked, the goods are automatically conveyed to the dispensary via an alternative route, based on predetermined rules. The packets are delivered and all customers can be served.

Stock reliability through VidCap

Every packet is measured during storage intake and the packet dimensions are compared with the article master data.
The measured packet dimensions may vary from the master data, if it is a new item (the Apostore does not know the product yet), a new packet of a standard item or a mix-up during intake. This packet is then photographed and stored.
The photo is displayed on the screen and the Apostore asks whether the intake of this product is correct.
If confirmed, the packet remains on the shelf and the new packet dimensions are stored in the master data. As long as the measurements are not confirmed, the packet will not be dispensed. This prevents incorrect dispensing.
If the measurements are rejected, the packet is dispensed at the back office.

Stock protection

Your stock is very valuable and you can use an Apostore to protect your drugs, OTC and expensive cosmetics against unwanted or uncontrolled access.
Access to stock can be secured on several levels: With a user login, each user must log on with their own password to operate the system and dispense products in the back office. All manual intakes and retrieval are stored with the user’s name.
The security log is used to control access into the system. The door only opens for authorised persons with personalised chip card and access code. This way you can decide who has access to the storage.
The Apostore video equipment monitors the storage shelves. Every access is recorded and can be saved as a video sequence. This way you are in control even in your absence.


Apostore gripper
Since 2000, the most proven gripper from APOSTORE, with a very low number of moving parts.
Powerful drive
The APOSTORE drive has an acceleration comparable to 0-100 kph in under 5 seconds. Nevertheless, it only gets warm to the touch. Even at full load.
Robust industrial controller
The robust industrial controller has proven itself in the toughest offshore conditions.
Uninterrupted power supply
The UPS supplies PCs, hard disk, storage printer and automatic lighting with power for up to two hours.
Second PC as backup.
Quick assistance: An already installed backup PC is ready for use in minutes. No technician can be on site faster.
storage printer
The storage printer is part of the standard equipment. The label shows in which shelving and on which shelf the specific drug is.
The VidCap function displays each packet with different packet dimensions and asks what to do with it.
You have to log on to use the robot. All manual intakes and dispensings are logged so that they can be traced.