Industry experience

Rooted in the industry

As a former subsidiary of Mannesmann and Siemens, we have been dealing with the automation of warehouses since 1986. In our international industrial projects, we develop highly reliable and robust automation. This knowledge we naturally incorporated in the development of automated picking systems for pharmacies. It can be summarised in four principles:

  • Plan for reserve capacities
    for more security and reliability
  • Use only proven and robust components
    Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link
  • Plan for emergencies
    Simulate crisis situations and develop solutions in advance
  • Arrange quick assistance
    With interaction between centralised and decentralised technical service
The result: solid, reliable automated picking systems with a life expectancy of up to 20 years.


  • Industrial warehouses
    Our industrial projects include the design of picking systems with more than 100 m in length and 10 m in height
  • Lager Indikationssets
    Picking of indication sets for serum assay
  • Industore
    A slightly adapted Apostore 1000 is used as an automatic small parts storage (e.g. for screws or jewellery) for industrial application and by mail order companies.