Central technical service

The technical heart of Apostore is located in Gelsenkirchen. The Hotline is located next door to the developers of construction, electrical systems and software. This ensures that all customer questions can be answered quickly and thoroughly.

All systems worldwide are monitored in terms of perfect functioning from Gelsenkirchen. At the first sign of any deviations from the parameters, the experts will analyse your system and carry out corrective measures.

If necessary, the technical service will initiate preventive maintenance, even before you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Hotline and on-site service

In addition, the 24-hour Hotline answers all your questions and quickly assists you with any difficulties. Here you are talking with our most experienced technicians who can dial into your machine and guide you through your on-screen menus. With an installed video system, they can even direct you live through the robot. In 98% of inquiries the Hotline can help immediately and solve the problem.

To be able to reach you quickly for maintenance or for prompt on-site assistance, we have decentralised technical support stations in your area. Our trained technicians have a local spare parts stock and are ready to provide emergency assistance.

We have mastered the coordination between centralised and decentralised technicians, between remote analysis and on-site service.


  • 15-year guarantee
    Apostore guarantees that even after 15 years you will be able to get the right replacement parts for your robot.
  • Userlogin
    The central technical service can dial into your machine and lead you live through the various menus.
  • Check list
    Regular servicing is carried out according to an extensive check list.
  • Support around the clock
    98% of the inquiries can be handled on the phone.