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Over time the storage intake and dispensing movements of the cardboard packaging produce a fine layer of dust on the shelves that soils the packets, and can lead to the machine malfunctioning.

To remove the layer of dust, it is necessary to remove the packets from their storage locations and after cleaning accurately replace them where they can be found again. Alternatively, a complete row of shelves can be cleared and stored again.

Manual cleaning requires great care, especially in the confines of the machine interior, because no packets from the surrounding and opposite shelves may be moved. In shelves over two metres in height and shelf spacing of less than five centimetres, manual cleaning is virtually impossible.

ApoClean offers a self-cleaning function that clears the shelf to be cleaned with the gripper. The dust is then statically bound and removed with a special cleaning bloc. The cleaned shelf is then refilled.

Standby mode: Standby time = energy-saving time!

With a view to the future viability of the robot (15-20 years life expectancy), an energy-saving function is quite important: The price of electricity increased by 40% between 2001 and 2013.

Standby also protects the electrical components, so they that are not constantly under load. This can increase their life expectancy significantly.

The standby potential can be quite considerable and can be calculated using the following formula:

1. Formel Greenline
2.Formel Greenline
greenline calculator for your pharmacy


  • ApoClean
    After cleaning the shelf is then optimally filled again. This way ApoClean cleans and optimises in one process.
  • Standby Vergleich
    Well-frequented pharmacies also have substantial standby potential. It is gentler on the components when they are not constantly under load.